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PictureMTM-CM5000-MSP - 77.00€
Tmote is a low power wireless sensor. Tmote Sky is the wireless sensor module that has many things to offer like high data rate sensor network applications requiring ultra low power. Some other features to look out for are high reliability and ease of development. It is widely proven platform for wireless sensor systems deployments. What Tmote Sky offers is a number of integrated peripherals including a 12 bit ADC and DAC, Timer, 12C SPI, and UART bus protocols. It also offers performance boosting DMA controller. Advanticsys offers the CM500 TelosB sensors which are IEEE 802.115.4 complient wireless sensor node based on the original open source TelosB and Tmote Sky platform which was designed and developed by the University of California, Berkeley. These kind of sensors usually include measuring of relative humidity, temperature and light via sensors.

PictureAS-XM1000 - 85.00€
The key features of the Tmote Sky are as follows:

1. Inter operability with many different IEEE 802.15.4 devices

2. Integrated on-board antenna with 50m range indoors and 125m range outdoors.

3. Optional Integrated humidity, temperature and light sensors

4. Ultra low current consumption.

5. Fast wakeup from sleep

6. Programming data fed via USB and data collected via USB too.

7. SMA antenna connector and 16 pin expansion support.

8. TinyOS support, also the implementation of communication and mesh networking.

9. The FCC modular certification provided conforms to all US and Canada regulations.

10. User and reset button

11. CC2420 RF Chip, TI MSP430F1611 Microcontroller

12. IEEE 802.15.4 WSN mote fully compatible with TelosB platform

PictureMTM-CM3000-MSP - 71.00€
Tmotes are widely used in resume systems with wireless networked sensors and electronic maps. They are also capable of delivering critical information to fire fighters during an emergency. In addition to which it can monitor the occupancy, smoke, light and fire. One of the many uses is also that it is capable of tracking emergency crew inside the building and displaying the details inside the fire fighter’s mask.

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