The ever increasing price in energy puts a real pressure on the retail businesses. An energy management system is for sure the solution since it helps limit the energy usage, lower energy bills and optimize customer and employee comfort through advanced scheduling, controlling and monitoring of lighting consumption.  A formalized Energy Management system can usually be of significant benefit to the company but on the other hand requires a lot of effort to implement and administer. Thus such a system would be realistic on for the larger energy users.  Although structured approach to energy management can also prove beneficial. Such energy management approaches require much less effort and no formal audits would be required. Thus these are beneficial even to smaller firms.

There are many benefits of an energy monitoring system leading to better energy management. It is possible to access it anywhere. You can schedule, control and monitor the lighting and other energy loads either on site or remotely. There is a rapid return on investment this way. 

In order to simplify the integration of systems, AdvanticSYS offers a wide range of controllers specially designed to read data from counters, meters, sensors, detectors, actuators, alarms. All the  signals which must be acknowledged in a building, and offer the information in a simple way. It is no longer a complex or expensive task to implement integration into SCADA, BMS , software or management platform. Hence there is no need to replace devices or use converters. 

A standard open protocol Modbus is very powerful and easy to use and integrate with existing platforms. Thus the communication and remote management of any integrated device can be done via Modbus. In addition to which it also includes functions like data-logger which brings additional security and reliability to out installation in the event of a communication failure.

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